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Kingsleys Chicken Pty Ltd PO Box 882
Woden 2607
Tel 612 62854711
Fax 612 62854075

About Kingsley's


Kingsley’s Chicken is a leading chain of eight fast food restaurants specialising in cooked chicken, three stores are franchised and the others are Company owned in the Canberra and Queanbeyan regions and trades as Kingsley’s Chicken and Kingsley's Express – click here to check the LOCATIONS.

Kingsley’s sells freshly cooked Grilled breast chicken fillets which are gluten free and may be eaten with our potato chip which of course is gluten free. We offer a range of finger foods such as Chicken Chippies (NEW), Roast Chicken Torpedoes ( sometimes called subs) , Chicken Nuggets and Dutch Chicken Croquettes. Kingsley’s outlets sell freshly cooked Roast Chicken and Southern Fried chicken grilled chicken wings , Chicken Schnitzels and Schnitzel Parmigiana . The product range also includes delicious Chicken Gravy and, of course, Kingsley’s Awesome Chips –which many customers claim are the best in Canberra, if not the world! Click here to check out the complete MENU

Kingsley's are specialists in Canberra Catering of chicken ( pick up only) for birthdays, office functions, and other large group get togethers and are proud to announce our new range of delicious Griled fillets, freshly made wraps and Torpedoes, which you can serve whole or sliced. To view our catering options, click here.

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