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Kingsleys Chicken Pty Ltd PO Box 882
Woden 2607
Tel 612 62854711
Fax 612 62854075


DO YOU HAVE A COMMENT OR SUGGESTION? (For prompt action please call the store. Telephone numbers are available when you click on the locations link on the main menu)

Kingsley's takes all customer comments seriously. Our systems are designed to ensure that your satisfaction is met at all times and that our teams endeavour to provide you with a consistent product and service across all stores.

As we are always looking for ways to further improve, what we do, we invite your suggestions about any aspect of Kingsley's.

Please note that our complaints policies are:

1) Only goods returned to the store with a complaint form will be replaced, or if the customer so wishes, money will be refunded. This is to help us establish what the problem was and to help us improve.

2) While we endeavour to pack all orders with diligence, from time to time there may be some errors. We ask that customers please co-operate by checking that they receive what they have ordered and paid for, prior to leaving the store, so that these errors do not impact on enjoyment of their meal.

3) Any complaint or dissatisfaction with our products where the food has not been returned to the store, will be dealt with by our Marketing Department, and you may email us on, fax us on 02 62854075, or call 1800 632 742 to leave a message. You can complete the form below and email it to us.

4) If you are dissatisfied with our service or any other matter, please contact us via email on, fax on 02 62854075, or call 1800 632 742 to leave a message.

5) We also have comment and suggestions form in the stores which you may complete and request that these be sent into the headoffice.

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